God Damn Rare by The Awesome Machine (LP) Red/Black


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  1. God Damn Evil
  2. By No One
  3. For The Weaker Ones
  4. Gasoline
  5. Digging
  6. Shakedown
  7. Ompa Bompa
  8. Above All
  9. Sun Don’t Shine
  10. Demon King
  11. I Never Knew (live)

About the band

The spirit of Kyuss lives on years after their breakup, and Sweden has churned out a number of quality stoner rock bands in recent times, such as Mushroom River BandWeSpiritual Beggars, and others. The Awesome Machine was another such band, and one of the better late-period Kyuss soundalikes to be heard in some time. A lot of stoner bands seem to stick to the tried and true, and in that respect The Awesome Machine was no different, but they were excellent at what they did. Containing previosly unreleased material. Demo versions, remasters, remixes spanning from 1998 – 2005