From Between The Fields by Mojo Jazz Mob (White LP)


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  1. Ghost Echoes
  2. Serpent Eyes
  3. Born A Goddess
  4. Viscious Tongue
  5. Warhorse
  6. Hail Of Bullets
  7. Phoenix
  8. Wolf In Disguise

About the band

these lads are some oldtimers out of münster area – around forever, well known for their energy fueled performances. music wise, they sitting between chairs – and build their own with one leg scandinavian rock of the 90s, one coming from the metal classics of the 80s and one from modern heavy music. think of a wild mix of Kyuss, Spiritual Beggars, Black Sabbath, C.O.C., Fu Manchu and Thin Lizzy. their singer reminds a bit of Nathan Gray from Boysetsfire, but without the often annoying pathos. their newest rock monolith combines alot of todays modern heavy music styles without losing the thread of making a catchy rock hymn.