Captain Wolfe’s Journey To The Center Of The Sea & Haddock by Haddock (Red LP)


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  1. Captain Wolfe’s Journey
  2. Henry The Regicide
  3. Danse Macabre Part I
  4. Reverend Reefer
  5. Danse Macabre Part II
  6. Collision Demolition
  7. Unholy Smoke
  8. Cruisifer
  9. The Devil In These Guys
  10. What Ghosts Around
  11. Manhunter

About the band

Heavy thumping and groovy spans guys in Haddock chest and head out in a macho beard rockingrocktrot.. This follow up release is much heavier doom-ish but still catchy stoner fuzz rock…
The new release demonstrates that the guys follow resolute by that way which consists in well dense tones, rock’n roll verve connected to 70’s badass Hard Rock and a great fuzz throwed right in the face with fat, energetic and vibrant riffs. In other words, the essence of the great 2013 work of the guys! Recommended to the people who dig bands like Dozer, Truckfighters, Firestone, Captain Crimson … or think in a Graveyard specially fueled with vibrations of  Spiritual Beggars, Kyuss and Orange Goblin!