Altare by Hexgrafv (Silver LP)


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  1. Altar Of Disease
  2. 1347
  3. Ma’rra
  4. Witchstone
  5. Drowning

About the band

HEXGRAFV was formed 2014 by J. Lindberg (Bass) and C. Jansson (Guitar). Their intentions was to make slow, dark and fuzz heavy music in realm of doom. After awhile A.Ågren (Drums/vocals) joined and the doom trio was formed.  They released their debut album ALTARE 2016. A album that lingers between old and new sounds in the sphere of stoner and doom. The album made a couple of playlist and is a frequent addition on Doomed and Stoned. 

The song structures are very well built and I love how they pay homage to the master of the past but also incorporate new influences like Poland’s Dopelord. The song 1347 and the rest of the album demonstrate this winning concept because they combine doomy tunes with stoner elements. The album is very varied and with it’s addictive riffs you’ll never get bored. The ending masterpiece “Drowning” is a brontosaurus piece with heavy funeral doom tendencies. Imagine sitting in the dark, sipping some red wine. Your mood is downtuned and outside the storm is blowing.