Ad Astra by Spiritual Beggars (2 × LP)


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  1. Left Brain Ambassadors
  2. Wonderful World
  3. Sedated
  4. Angel Of Betrayal
  5. Blessed
  6. Per Aspera Ad Astra
  7. Save Your Soul
  8. Until The Morning
  9. Escaping The Fools
  10. On Dark Rivers
  11. The Goddess
  12. Mantra
  13. Hexagon
  14. Let The Magic Talk


About the band

Issued in a gatefold sleeve. The songwriting has always been top notch with the Beggars, but this time Michael Ammot managed to find a way to top himself even more than the previous records. The bouncy, fuzzy yet strikingly heavy and memorable riffs command nearly every song on this record, and given that “Ad Astra” is mostly made out of straightforward rockers that don’t break into free-handed jamming sessions it’s impossible not to get hooked by them. The solos are also amazingly effective and well-delivered, sometimes flamboyant, other times restrained, and even challenging the keyboards in some songs. Ammot believes in the power
of well-made simplicity much more than the tripping effects of long-lasting psychedelic adventures, and by this the Beggars resemble closer to their 70’s peers than most bands in the stoner rock genre.


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