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  1. Follow Me Down
  2. Cactus Kicker
  3. 7,8
  4. Pesadilla
  5. Demons
  6. In Space
  7. Deceitful
  8. Lies

About the band

This Devil is not only made of silver, he also come from Sweden and brings you the best in fuzz rock and will knock down anyone who’s trying to make it to the top of the mammoth mountain. Look out or you might get burned alive by the flames of purgatory! The riffian god’s have to be truly satisfied by this effort, and grandpa will definitely turn up his hearing aid to the max and paint some flames on his wheelchair when he hears what these fuzzlords have to offer! Silver Devil have the capacity to go on forever if they manage to keep the same high standard in future which i hope they do. If you haven’t heard this band before visit them on my space, you won’t regret it…I’m sure of that!


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