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  1. Organism
  2. Barndomen
  3. Själalikt
  4. Alfons
  5. I Gamla Spår
  6. Annorledes
  7. Familjen
  8. Illvilja
  9. Annorstädes
  10. Förlust
  11. Sagan Om Skönt

About the band

Lugnoro is a progressive rock band that mixes Black Sabbath-like heavy riffs with more intricate parts in the vein of the progressive rock scene in the early 70s. The extended songs rely heavily on guitars and Hammond organ and mellotrons. The lyrics is sung in their native tung Swedish, and takes on topics that encourage reflection. The musicianship is top-notch, without loosing its rawness or becoming sterile and boring. This is a must for heavy progressive rock fans with a liking of odd time signatures and cleverly crafted song structures.


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