With A Little Help From Lucifer by Lex Rhino (CD)


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  1. With A Little Help From …
  2. Bitter Redeemer
  3. Crucify The Bitch
  4. As The Devil Is My Witness
  5. Even If You Live Forever
  6. We Came To Close

About the band

The models are unmistakable BLACK SABBATH, one steals almost too unrestrained with the forefathers of the Doom. Do you go more in the calm, bluesy-psychedelic corner, then one also orients oneself to the gods around Mr. IOMMI, reminds of the atmosphere however also to ATOMIC ROOSTER. Here is a URIAH HEEP-Riff, there a DEEP PURPLE-groove, everything is played well, but free of originality and surprises. Good is also the voice of the singer, who would fit rough and deep into a blues or southern rock band, fortunately not on OZZY clone makes. Does the voice go higher, then it becomes clear that he has to be a big IAN GILLAN fan. That suits the overall sound, with the exception of rather sluggish doomy


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