Ultrabomb by Quartet Of Woah! (CD)


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  1. Master Lever Had A Dream
  2. Ultrabomb
  3. The Taste Of Hate
  4. The Announcer
  5. How To Build A Bomb?
  6. Prodigal Son
  7. Empty Stream
  8. The Path Of Our Commit
  9. Ode To Liberity
  10. Balance
  11. Slingshot Sam
  12. The Machine Limps 
  13. U Turn 


About the band

From Lisbon, Portugal comes The Quartet of Woah!, a hard rock/prog/stoner act who’ve put together a pretty polished and fun collection of songs here on their latest Ultrabomb. The music is ’70s inspired heavy stoner rock with some prog influences. For fans of Deep Purple or Clutch.


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