Truth by Asimov (CD)


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  1. Nothing In Return
  2. She’s Heading West
  3. The Second Floor
  4. The Major’s Ship
  5. Onward
  6. Even Time Tigers Bite
  7. Don’t Leave Me Demon


About the band

Their heady brew of heavy psych stew is generated by just two dudes, Carlos Ferreira and João Arsénio, who, alongside the standard guitars, drums, and organs, include “visions” and “dementia” in their arsenal of headfrying and shapeshifting “instruments”. Ten-minute opener ‘Nothing In Return” (not the Roky Erickson
song) pulsates like a hellbound train with a hypnotic, motoric beat driving an improvisational vibe similar to krautrock-stoner-ish blowing bongloads of righteous catchy for an biker’s roar emanates from the vocalist’s guttural tonsils like the prince of darkness presiding over a bonfire of fried synapses. And that’s just the


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