The Evil In You And Me by Lost Breed (CD)


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  1. Rescind The Horde
  2. King Of The Electric
  3. Another Victim
  4. Coffin Cheater
  5. The Postman
  6. Soul Charide
  7. Lost Breed
  8. The Evil In You And Me
  9. Nation’s Song
  10. Say You Love Me Again
  11. Storm Comes Down

About the band

* Back in the 80s it was fairly common for bands to move to LA to try and make it big. Lost Breed is among the many bands that made that trip from NY to LA. * They soon met up with the legendary Scott Wino Weinrich, whom at the time had already had 2 Saint Vitus records under his belt, was soon to be releasing a 3rd Saint Vitus record, and was also in the process of restarting The Obsessed back up again. Even with all of those irons in the fire, he started writing and jamming with Lost Breed. With his main roots and influence coming from the Maryland Doom Metal scene, its no surprise that Lost Breed fits right in there stylistically. *


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