The Devils Ride by Surfing In Hell (CD)


Limited Edition Compact Disc


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  1. Just Saying
  2. Stand Tall
  3. Through Village & City
  4. Not The Devils Ride
  5. Lost Waves
  6. Planet Lojd
  7. Y.O.D.A.
  8. The Devils Ride
  9. Demplorable Condition
  10. 666 Thousand Miles
  11. Reborn In Heaven

About the band

Infectiously catchy hard rock gleaming the cube of torrential riffs. Surfing in Hell hangs their blazing stoner metal hooks ten toes deep beneath a fiery tube of fuzz. For fans of: Fu Manchu / Dozer groove accented by proto-metallic vocal tones. Really has that authentic sound and vibe !!! The sound is very unique !!!