Surfeando En Aguas Negras by Templarios (CD)


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  1. To The Sun
  2. Ciudad Vacia
  3. La Distansa En El Astillero
  4. Detras Las Nubes 
  5. El Viento
  6. Gratitude
  7. El Olvido
  8. Touch My Brain
  9. A Bullet In A Gun
  10. Mi Bolido

About the band

When it comes to South American stoner/ desert rock, there’s a special thing going on in Argentina. The sound, the atmosphere, maybe it’s the air? I don’t really know, but when I first laid my ears on bands like Natas,I was sold to the warm psychedelic, almost native approach to the sound of “stoner rock”. Something different, yet familiar. Others like Humo Del Cairo, Ararat, Dragonauta quickly followed…Templarios definitely fits in the same line here