Stonehead & Other Freak Songs by Bozeman’s Simplex (CD) release date not yet set


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  1. Fade Away
  2. Blind
  3. I Do What I Can
  4. Beyond The Vision
  5. Stonehead
  6. Evil
  7. Four Stories
  8. Watch
  9. Never (meant to be)
  10. The Spirit Of The Spring
  11. Head First 
  12. Into The Sun
  13. Come
  14. Hyperdrive
  15. Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother
  16. Psychelectric Revolution
  17. Unknown Man

About the band

Action  stoner rock, doom metal, hard rock band from year 1994 northern part of Sweden. They have an great song “come” released by Molten Universe an compilation among bands such like Dozer. Lowrider, Greenleaf, Awesome Machine, Astroqueen, Mushroom River Band, Remuda Dust, Ridge, Demon Cleaner, Freedom Bleeder among others so you get the grip of the music style… Stoner rock band from from Sweden with the souls of American rock gods. Fueled by a desire to play dirty, kick ass rock and roll  rose like a comet in the night from relative obscurity in their home country to should have become one of Swedens biggest rock acts. It’s hard to find higher praise about Bozeman’s Simplex . “Bozeman’s Simplex is definitely one of Sweden’s greatest bands – one of my favourite. The music is driven by magnificent force and great personal charisma