Seven Hells by Ogre (CD)


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  1. Dogmen (of planet earth)
  2. Soldier Of Misfortune
  3. The Gas
  4. Woman On Fire
  5. Review Your Choices
  6. Sperm Whale
  7. Flesh Feast 


About the band

Description : ‘Seven Hells’ is the second album from Ogre and offers some great, drawn out doom rock jams as well as some more up-tempo stuff. A brilliant homage to the terrors of war, ‘Soldier of Misfortune’ offers a first person account of killing and dying in the Vietnam War – ‘So now I hang from a jungle tree…steely knives
smiling up at me’. It’s clever lyrics and choice of subject only serve to add to the great 70’s vibe. For fans of : SAINT VITUS, BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, CHURCH OF MISERY and BLOOD FARMERS. BONUS DVD


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