S/T by Rage Against The Machine (CD)


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  1. Bombtrack
  2. Killing In The Name
  3. Take The Power Back
  4. Settle For Nothing
  5. Bullet In The Head
  6. Know Your Enemy
  7. Wake Up
  8. Fistful Of Steel
  9. Township Rebellion
  10. Freedom

About the band

Amazing rap metal release, by far the best i have heard. Lyrically it contains heavily political themes, but either the lyrics are too deep for me to understand them or they are badly writen, either way i dont care much for them. Instrumentally though, this album is a completly different story. The rapping is pretty aggressive yet enjoyable to listen to (some parts are straight funky stuff), and even though there is some screming at times it fits well with the sort of strong emotions the songs deal about. The guitars are incredible, both in terms of enjoyability and innovation, even more amazing considering this level of experimentation was done in the early 90’s and that this release actualy was quite commercial.