Powertrip by Monster Magnet (CD)


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  1. Crop Circle
  2. Powertrip
  3. Space Lord
  4. Temple Of Your Dreams
  5. Bummer
  6. Baby Götterdrämerung
  7. 19 Witches
  8. 3rd Eye Landslide
  9. See You In Hell
  10. Tractor
  11. Atomic Clock
  12. Goliath & The Vampires
  13. Your Lies Become You

About the band

The strength of Powertrip lies in the band’s conscious attempt to retain the psychedelic and space rock influences of earlier releases while melding them into a more concise rock package. This is no small feat, as the band could have easily overemphasized one direction over the other. They find the perfect balance and the result is this stellar, diverse set. Monster Mag would continue to streamline even more in the future (with varying degrees of success to some) but this album represents the best of both worlds. Your average hard rock fan will find this disc just as pleasing as your most veteran stoner rock fan, and for good reason. That alone makes it an essential album.