1. Crimson Moon
  2. Ferrule
  3. Väktaren
  4. De Trenne
  5. Timboholm
  6. Under Vår Sol
  7. Cuauhemoc


About the band

Öken from Skövde with its debut of Ozium Records plays progressive stoner rock / doom with roots from the 70s psychedelica rock. Adrian Kjellgren (guitar and vocals), Jonathan Holmström (guitar), Jesper Sundell (drums), Arvid Qvick (bass and vocals). They only leave a year, but has already found its own unique sound with a little jam time they have. They are now ready to conquer the world with its desert fuzzy jam cozy doomy music. For fans of: Lugnoro, Jethro Tull and Dungen aswell If and sleep. Krautprogbikermetal !