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  1. Cirko Mamuno
  2. Shizo
  3. One Man’s Death
  4. Domus
  5. Pigroad
  6. Descorada
  7. Cactus Wine
  8. Memorandum
  9. Fugly

About the band

Stoner rock is indelibly associated with the California desert, where bands like Kyuss and Fu Manchu made generator shows an important part of the southern California rock scene. You are likely to think of Palm Desert, Indio, and Coachella. Less frequently, you will think of Gothenburg, Sweden. That will change once you hear Descarado’s Odd, their sophomore effort and first full-length album. The nine tracks herein manage to capture the tenor of a SoCal desert session exceptionally well. It’s groovy, it’s fuzzy, it’s playful in just the right ways, but the best thing about Odd is the reminder that desert rock is not nearly dead. In fact, the scene is having a moment, and bands like Descarado are paving the way for an international spicing of what was once a tremendously localized genre. RELEASE DATE : 2021 – 07 – 25