Into The Sun by Molior Superum (CD)


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  1. Decibel Grand
  2. Sad Man’s Boogieland
  3. Moralsoffan
  4. Snygg Och Stark
  5. Towards The Haze
  6. Plainrider
  7. Blå Fålens Vals
  8. Bortom Solens Sfär
  9. The Alchemist

About the band

“Gather ’round, all ye sons and daughters of the super rock revolution, and dig the bloozy groove n’ roll of Molior Superum, the fuzzy-faced lovechild of Grand Funk and Clutch, and their debut full-length, Into the Sun. No doubt about it, these Swedish weathermakers be ridin’ the great shake railway straight into lightning town, where they arrive in a cloud of denim and dust, duffel bags stuffed with good times and righteous riffs. And maybe a tambourine and a couple bottles of whisky”. A high-energy mix of classic spacerock, grimy garage-stonerish and psychedelica from the seventies. he unique style of rock that plays on all the best parts of stoner, southern and desert rock all rolled into one. It’s pretty killer and whats more impressive is that the guys are able to keep it up for the entirety. Few bands these days can truly pull off an organ, but Molior Superum have successfully made it into that minority.