In The Afterglow Of Unity by Palace In Thunderland(CD)


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  1. The Owl In Daylight
  2. Beyond The Stare
  3. Awakened Dream
  4. The Distant Shore
  5. Troglodytos
  6. Deus Ex Machina
  7. Pink Quartor
  8. Decadent Decay
  9. Before The Dawn Decendie
  10. The Absolute & The Relativ
  11. Soulstorm
  12. The Sun Faced Moon

About the band

So after years of wandering in bands and projects, succesful and obscure alike the Palace was finally rebuilt in Thundrland and lo and behold its structure was solid enough to finally bear the weight of an artisanally crafted full album. Its delivery unforgettable, brimfull of melodies, hooks, solo’s rhythms and the SOUND, yes fuzzy, of course but sometimes surprisingly yet delightfully clear. From everything that ever got sucked into the void, PiT definitely came out stronger & more determined.


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