Heathen Witchcraft by Angel Of Damnation (CD)


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  1. Brimstone Sorcery
  2. Dragged To The Wheel
  3. Gospel Of The Serpent
  4. Heathen Witchcraft
  5. Lord Of The 7 Churches
  6. Fear Of The Veil

About the band

Like some lost relic of the NWOBHM, on Heathen Witchcraft, true to its title, ANGEL OF DAMNATION purge the witchfinder generals and celebrate the old-world splendor of medieval witchery. And compared to the no-less-considerable debut, on release#2 do they create even longer and more enveloping epics which both firmly establish a fog-choked atmosphere and dispense with time-honored metal classicism. Of course, the album begins most spookily, hitting a fever pitch of harrowing horror on the title track, and then successively builds into (and finishes) with moody, galloping hard-chargers like “Lord of the Seven Churches” and “Tear Off the Veil of the Sun.” Through it all, Doomcult Messiah is in top form, seemingly narrating these dark events in realtime. 


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