Good Dirt by Maurfahr (CD) Release date not set and not correct cover


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  1. Closed
  2. Ocean
  3. Sunpaled Concrete Foundati
  4. Groove Gardens
  5. Better Be
  6. So Slow
  7. Blueroom Amigos
  8. Galactic Supergroove
  9. Slimtyred Fatride
  10. Mexican Field
  11. White Rabbit (cover)
  12. Sotto Voice
  13. Bonus Track

About the band

Maurfahr was a Swedish band formed back in 1996. They released a couple EPs and one album called “Good Dirt”. They also made a two-track split with Suma in 2006.  As you understand this periods I dig and re-listen records from the late 90’s – early 00’s era. A lot of great releases were made back then which many of them are now forgotten or neglected and it’s good to remember them, Now about the “Good Dirt”.. Another good stoner release from the decade’s beginning featuring 12 high enjoyable groovy tracks for any stonerheads out there.