Atlantis Mirage by Los Tabanos Experience (CD)


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  1. Free Space Collaboration
  2. Primal Civilizations
  3. Fat Moonlight Cat
  4. Feel Transported
  5. Deep Magic Alanxition
  6. The Big Snake With Neptune
  7. Waves Of Thriplotes
  8. Fire In Sight

About the band

Chile is already known as a hot-bed of amazing modern psychedlic music (think Follakzoid, Holydrug Couple, Chicos De Nazca), and ‘Atlantis Mirage’ by Los Tabanos Experience only enhances that reputation. In the words of the band themselves “the music of Los Tabanos Experience walks between space rock, heavy psychedelia and improvised jams.” This is South American stoner-rock at its finest.


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