As Time Slowly Passes By… by Molior Superum (CD)


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  1. Mountain Prelude
  2. Cold Winds
  3. Sweet Oblivion
  4. Att Födas Rostig
  5. Divinty Blues
  6. Gravöl
  7. Through Valleys Of Wonder
  8. Into The Grey
  9. As Time Slowly Passed By…

About the band

𝓣hirty-six meteoric minutes will have passed each time this recording is spun to completion and through every last one, Molior Superum bestow upon their congregation some of the finest riff-driven, classically-fashioned, bluesy grooves to have escaped Göteborg into the Nordic night air and beyond. Though cold winds may blow through the valleys of oblivion, the sweet wonder of rock ‘n’ roll offers divine asylum. This is more heavier and you can hear more Clutch, Black Sabbath influences and a vibe of Grand Funk Railroad.