As Time Slowly Passes By… by Molior Superum (CD)


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  1. Mountain Prelude
  2. Cold Winds
  3. Sweet Oblivion
  4. Att Födas Rostig
  5. Divinty Blues
  6. Gravöl
  7. Through Valleys Of Wonder
  8. Into The Grey
  9. As Times Slowly Passes By

About the band

“While there’s a lot of ’70s hard rock influence to be heard in the songs, the band does a great job of putting a personal spin on it, finding ways of tweaking it into something that stands apart from most heavy rock acts of then and now. It’s hard to pin down the specifics of that distinction, but part of it is just how fresh the songs feel. They don’t get bogged down in the bass, but the lightness doesn’t drift off into pop rockish cotton candy clouds, either. Whether incorporating vocals or going off on sprawling instrumental rides, Molior Superum make it clear that they kept developing their skills in the time between releases”