Mahat - Looking For A Ride

Mahat - Looking For A Ride (CD)

Year: 2012

Label: DIY

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Founded as a project by Antonio Guida and Philippe Haag in 2007 it took more than two years to find the missing members that were able to complete the project to a band and push the music to the direction for that it was meant to be: Keeping it real and heavy, straight out of the heart and directly kicked into the face! That´s what the four members of Mahat intend to do when they take their instruments and play their songs. Loving to play live, where the energy of their songs unfolds to an explosive atmosphere which hits the crowd with full force, they want to give the crowd a heavy good time with a powerful and fresh heavy sound. All members have different influences and musical backgrounds. What unites them is a long year band- and live experience and the love to heavy rock and fuzzy stoner metal, leading everyone of them to the foundation of the band with its present line up in 2009. This mixture creates songs that are written with an open mindedness to nonstandard interpretations of heaviness, with adamant riffs that are written with the heart, highlighted by bass lines that let your stomach vibrate, spiced with heavy Drumbeats which force you to move and combined with powerful and honest vocals. Every Member is thankful to have found a band that reflects their understanding of making music that sounds unique – without compromises and attitudes but with a lot of love to 70s Rock and Fuzzy Stoner Metal that goes to the heart and to the neck… RECOMMEND!!!

  • Atacama
  • Looking For A Ride
  • Rolemodel Education
  • Solitude
  • Desert Night
  • Rewind
  • Skulls 'n Bitches
  • Lost
  • Stoner Mountain
  • On Top Again
  • Blame Me
  • Wrong Way

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