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Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard - Supersonic Rock'n'roll (cd)

18 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Napalm

Description : "Supersonic rock'n'roll", the debut-album from Aussies ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARD, is a giant baseball bat to GODZILLA's ugly maw. These galactic motherfuckers may have heard RED FANG, ZZ TOP, CLUTCH and so forth, but the merry bunch decided to spice things up with nasty MINISTRY-grooves and dirty sci-fi rumblings. Play this stuff loud as you get high on gasoline, stoner rock and good old sex, drugs and rock'nroll. Hell yeah!

Grind The Grinder
Dead Smile
Galactic Motherfucker
Love For Speed
Roll'n' Burn
Fight Fight Fight
Supersonic rock 'n' roll
Bad Boy Benny
God Of No
Sick Sad City