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Wreck Plus - Dark Construcktor (duplicated cd EP)

Wreck Plus - Dark Construcktor (duplicated cd EP)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : "Wreck Plus is a vintage Heavy metal quartet distilling stoner sounds since 2009. The formula is simple yet efficient: heavy guitar attack supported by monolithic basslines and ecstatic drum work, topped by long melodic vocals lines. With this new EP, ‘Dark Construktor’, the band takes you back again to the seventies with a modern touch of stoner. The EP runs for 24 minutes, through four powerful riff-based songs, plus an experimental synthesiser interlude. Each track brings a strong identity and memorable atmosphere, drawing in a bigger picture a tribute to Judas Priest, Sabbath and BÖC."

Dark Construktor 05:36
Leaders Of Great Magnitude 06:12
Arturia: Stellar Blacksmith 01:16
Starcrossed Lovers 05:30
Esoterhythm 06:04