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Workhorse III - Workhorse III (jewel case cd)

Year : 2010

Label : DRP Records

Description : It’s not often that a power trio that slams you right in the face with sheer rock ‘n’ roll comes along anymore. The Workhorse III is such a band. Chugging along at a pace made to crash cars to, their self titled album delivers heaping helpings of careless rock that sounds like the bastard child of Queens of the Stone Age and Motorhead. If you’re a fan of straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll that is completely devoid of frills and nonsense, The Workhorse III are your go-to grunts.

Let It Begin 01:39
Revolution Blood Machine 03:03
Down So Long 02:19
Die Tonight 03:34
Face In The Crows 02:19
Glory And The Sun 02:50
Fear Is Law 02:24
Workhorse I 01:48
Slipping Away 02:56
Infect The Masses 02:12
War Machine 02:46
What You Wanted 03:13