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Workhorse - Closer To Relevance (digipack cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : At times I heard punk rock, at other times they were clearly crushing it in the proud lineage of Sabbath. There were moments when a Motorhead influence seemed clear. Which is suitable, since Motorhead themselves have often defied categorization. The dominate theme is songs which, although often containing dark lyrical content, are high energy, catchy, and most of all fun. Several of the songs were stuck in my head, demanding a second listen. In all cases, the riff is king. It is the prominence of the distorted riff which could earn them a place within metal's hallowed halls. At the same time there is no denying the strong vocal melodies will also appeal to fans of classic rock.

War Torn City
Soul Crusher
Holy Roller
Nothin' From Me
What's The Point
Want You
Find My Mind
Life Of Crime
When I'm Gone
Closer To Relevance
I Can't Forget