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Wolvespirit - Blue Eyes (cd)

14 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Spirit Stone

Description :  Limited CD-edition presented in a digisleeve and including two bonus tracks. WOLVESPIRIT plays good old fashioned and down to the bone grinding rock. Loaded with heavy guitars, big drums, a bass that will make your pants flatter around your knees, and -of course- a swirling Hammond organ, WolveSpirit takes you back to the psychedelic '60s and the heavy rollin' '70s, if not into another dimension. And the icing on the cake is provided by the raw female vocals which at times remind of Janis Joplin, and at others of Stevie Nicks.  Release date: 27/02/2017

You Know That I Am Evil
I Am What I Am
I Want To Love
True Blood
Soul Burn
Space Rockin Woma
Road Of Life: Road 
Dance With The Devil