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When The Deadbolt Breaks - In The Ruins, No Light Shall Shine (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Salt Of The Earth Records

Description : Ever think you’d hear the term “Doomcore”? After the recent renaissance of what could be considered the oldest form of Heavy Metal, it was only a matter of time before intrepid musicians began to mix n’ match genres. Add a little grind to your minor key mayhem? Why not? Top it off with a little space rock, a stoner jams or two.

Discord Moment 04:13
Collapse… Color The Sun 14:09
Ingrate 02:15
Somewhere Between Murder And A Wet Dream 08:54
Anaharta 09:06
Night On Bald Mountain 06:00
Fist Full Of Flowers And An Empty Handgun 07:58
The Cleansing Light 05:59