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Warp Transmission - Tanam Shud (cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Creepy Crawl

Description : Hard rockin' stoner psych sounds from Tampere, Finland. Fans of Blue Cheer and Monster Magnet will agree: this is no cheap-ass retro show. It's the REAL SHIT! 'Tamam Shud' partly consists of live rehearsal recordings, and the rest was recorded at the band's own Kemian Laboratorio. Expect eioght face melting freakouts with layers of effect laden guitars, spaced out organ and synth, and thunderous bass and drums. Release date: 21/04/2017

Black Dots 04:14
Hash Time I 01:40
Cast Into The Process 06:14
Hash Time II 02:16
Confusion 08:16
Great Oceans In The Sky 04:48
Hash Time III 02:20
Archetype: Brainfry 06:50