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Venemous Maximus (cd)

Year : 2012

Label : DIY

Description : Venomous Maximus is a Heavy Metal band from Houston, TX. The sound combines intense, unabashed metal riffing that locks into heavy rock grooves featuring interjected dual leads and surprisingly darkened atmospheres. Add to it the distinctive voice of towering front man Gregg Higgins and his unorthodox, unsettling tone, and unholy sinister laugh

Funeral Queen 01:49
Path Of Doom 05:38
Give Up The Witch 04:58
Father Time 02:02
Dream Again (hellenbach) 05:03
Moonchild 05:06
Battle For the Cross 05:52
Venomous Maximus 04:38
Mother's Milk 03:42
Hell's Heroes 07:06

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