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Val Tvoar - In Light You Believe... But In Darkness You Dwell (cd)

Val Tvoar - In Light You Believe... But In Darkness You Dwell (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Healied Records

Description : Val Tvoar, that stonerish metal head, successful Estonian guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and founder of Soul Thrower (dark rock / metal) is back with his new solo LP entitled In Light You Believe ... but in Darkness You Dwell. Val’s guitar performances are consistently, absolutely on fire - his bluesy solo style, inspired by his rock experiences in L.A. and backed by his formal classical training, vibrates in a perfect balance with his strong vocals. Throughout the album, on both the Light and Dark side, those KYUSS, MASTODON and occasional FU MANCHU influences come shining through, with radio-friendly 4/4 progressions that are approachable, yet inventive and edgy. This new release, like last year’s (2015) excellent stoner-grunge-punk EP Into The Unknown (which are bonus tracks on the CD), features Val Tvoar on all instruments and vocals...

Mental Of Instru
The Wizard Named Goodbad
There's No Tomorrow
Mind Reader, The Shadow
The Last Dance
I Am You
Three Shovels Of Dirt
The Night When Everything Went Wrong And You Shot Me Down
Dark Side Of Mine