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Tony J Willis - Mystic Bum Dirty Wizard (cd)

Tony J Willis - Mystic Bum Dirty Wizard (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : Forbidden Place Records

Description : Description : A statement about homelessness, vegetarianism, and a mystical synthesizer. Recorded over a two year period using vintage synthesizers, old drum machines, and some other analog oddities. Tony's first solo excursion. For fans of Gary Numan, Captain Beefheart, The Slightest, New Wave, Old Wave, No Wave, Electronic,  Kraftwerk, Faust, Weirdness.

Mystic Bum 01:51
Levitation 03:29
The Spell Caster 02:43
Dirty Wizard pt. 1
Gary Numan (Androgeny) 03:12
Creatures Unseen 03:15
Fading out 03:10
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