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Thee Micro Mantis - Bonehenge (cd)

Thee Micro Mantis - Bonehenge (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Forbidden Place Records

Description : Experimental noise rockers Thee Micro Mantis are laying down the mutated sounds of the future. Heavy primal beats hammer your skull while fuzzed guitars buzz into an alternate dimension. Recorded in Denver, Co at the Decibel Garden. Featuring Cale Bruggeman (Busted I) Drums and percussion, Tony J. Willis (TJW, The Slightest, Nuclear Flesh) on guitar, theramin, effects, and vocals and Chris (Piss) Wojciechowski (Nuclear Flesh) laying down low end electric emissions

Theme 04:36
Bonehenge 03:05
Penetrator 02:26
Drifting 03:18
Can you feel my love? 10:10
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