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The Wizar'd - Infernal Wizardry (cd)

The Wizar'd - Infernal Wizardry (cd)

Year : 2009

Label : DIY

Description : This is mostly slow, traditional doom with pretty shitty production to be honest but somehow it seems to suit them just fine. Not many bands can release
something that sounds so bad production wise but make it sound like such a tasty piece of Doom. The band takes the influences of early Cathedral, Reverend Bizarre and mix it up with early 80’s British Metal sounds, at times the music sounds like a Doom version of Cirith Ungol but with punky vocals.

Horned Lord 04:04  
Witchwither 06:37  
Infernal Wizardry 04:59  
Depressive Holiday 09:42  
Crushing Gothic Slime 03:24  
Gloomwing 01:10  
Plague Ship of Doom 05:33  
The Megalomaniac 12:40