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Telekinetic Yeti - Abominable (lp)

27 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Sump Pump Records

Description : Telekinetic Yeti give fellow Midwesterners Valley of the Sun a run for their money in terms of fuzz quotient. Right around the halfway point, Baumann and Dreyer turn to denser chug, but a righteously hairy lead takes hold — I swear I hear a bassline in there — just before they stomp their way to the finish, once more living up to their name. A huge sound and keeps us interested by very effectively bridging the gap between doomed and stoned styles. There are great harmonics, fascinating leads, and some serious down-tuned ass-kicking at play here. RECOMMEND !!

Stoned And Feathered
Beneath The Black Sun
Himalayan Hymn
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