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Tangerine Stoned - Delitti Scoperti (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : 45 Giri

Description : Tangerine Stoned formed in summer 2011 by guitarist Alex Key and singer Chris Jei. They recruited Daniél on bass, Verner on keys and Checco on drums.They immediately started to write original songs ispirated by the 60s. After the departure of Verner and Alex Key the band recruited J. Barto on guitar and kept the keyboardist as an external member and they went forward to a "modern classic sound". Influenced by the doors,but not a clone. 70s heavy stoner/psych. it's make-up.

Sacramento 05:03
Le Verità Di Allen 04:15
Bellezze Corrose 03:34
Cittadina Di Polvere 05:31
Delitti Scoperti 03:23
We Are Dead Who Eat 05:21
Heisenberg 03:13
Inverno Indiano 11:05
Shanti 01:31