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Sword - Used Future (cd)

Sword - Used Future (cd)

16 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Caroline

Description : The Sword seemed to have brought along a lot of elements that shaped their previous record “High Country” into “Used Future”. Meaning that there aren’t really any fixings of metal, but more hard rock-ish kind of undertones. But that’s definitely not a bad thing, as “High Country” still worked out to be a stellar and
risk-worthy album for The Sword. While that’s the case, The Sword still maintain their traditional stoner sound, going a step and a half up from their old C Standard

Prelude   00:26
Deadly Nightshade 03:00
Twilight Sunrise 03:07
The Wild Sky   03:34
Intermezzo   01:32
Sea Of Green   05:37
Nocturne   04:03
Don't Get Too Comfortable 04:13
Used Future   04:21
Come And Gone   03:38
Book Of Thoth   02:50
Brown Mountain   05:25
Reprise 01:40