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Surfing In Hell - The Devils Ride (orange lp)

Surfing In Hell - The Devils Ride (orange lp)

18 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Ozium Records

Description : Surfing In Hell have developed a more clean sound, without giving up their original music. The band still delivers many real strong tracks, influenced
by the 70's hardrock scene, with incredible melodic hooks and a nod to the underground scene. Heavy & harsh stonerrockpunk-ish deluxe with a great feeling for riffs.
proving it completely possible to mix up dirty rock with professionally arranged melodies and bridges. The Nordic woodsmen from outer space creates a blend of powerful fuzzy rock and melodic, groovy tunes. Expect more patented Sabbath-punkish riffs, and some fast and urgent tracks that are like a punch in your face. Fat, hard, stoner rock. Is a fun listen, holding a distinct desert vibe with its down-tuned, fuzzed-out guitar tone. Produced by William Blackmon. 

Just Saying
Stand Tall
Through The Village And City
Not The Devils Ride
Lost Waves
Planet Lojd
The Devils Ride
Deplorable Condition
666 Thousand Miles (live)
Reborn In Heaven (live)