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Surfing In Hell - The Devils Ride (cd)

Surfing In Hell - The Devils Ride (cd)

10 EUR
Year : 2018

Label : Ozium Records

Description : Surfing In Hell have developed a more clean sound, without giving up their original music. The band still delivers many real strong tracks, influenced
by the 70's hardrock scene, with incredible melodic hooks and a nod to the underground scene. Heavy & harsh stonerrockpunk-ish deluxe with a great feeling for riffs.
proving it completely possible to mix up dirty rock with professionally arranged melodies and bridges. The Nordic woodsmen from outer space creates a blend of powerful fuzzy rock and melodic, groovy tunes. Expect more patented Sabbath-punkish riffs, and some fast and urgent tracks that are like a punch in your face. Fat, hard, stoner rock. Is a fun listen, holding a distinct desert vibe with its down-tuned, fuzzed-out guitar tone. Produced by William Blackmon .

Just Saying
Stand Tall
Through The Village And City
Not The Devils Ride
Lost Waves
Planet Lojd
The Devils Ride
Deplorable Condition
666 Thousand Miles (live)
Reborn In Heaven (live)