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Sumolovers - S/T (duplicated)

Sumolovers - S/T (duplicated)

Year : 2016

Label : Electric Valley

Description : They play stoner rock as a garage or punk could do, "Slow Rider". Immediacy and punch are their guidelines since the catchy "Dig Yo!" with a raw vibe,
as a knife that cuts the desert sand. "Funny Pusher" and "Disco Jerk" are little more articulated and bear inside them an attitude and a senseof twisted humor, like
if they wanted to split in front of conventional rock. Also the cover artwork makes us think about a funny representation of rock, something different from the usuals

Dig Yo! 01:43
Funny Pusher 02:07
Disco Jerk 02:50
Sir Jhon 01:40
Easy Money Maker 02:29
Brand New 02:04
Drift Away 02:38
Slow Rider 02:22
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