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Strider - Defishit Moral (used cd)

Strider - Defishit Moral (used cd)

Year : 2017

Label : Confuse Records

Description : Defishit Moral presents the ferocity of a collection of guitar riffs with ultra-heavy distortion, which weighs the equivalent of the five youth's guts in it when throwing satirical lyrics to illustrate the condition of our beloved homeland. "Power of Power" becomes the opening number without the need for straightforward grips will grip the ear. The first step is to get the listener to surrender to listening to all the anger and just respond with the head movement as it is thrust into his ear.

Hingar Kekuasaan 04:57
Defishit Moral 04:41
Penguasa Dan Jelata 04:04
Ideologi Pemuda 05:05
Anduril 02:50
Kapitalisme 05:24
Electric Funeral 06:10
Come Together 06:22