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Stonerror - Stonerror (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : My Shit In Your Coffee

Description : Founded in 2015, the Polish psychedelic stonerpunk band Stonerror combines heavy overdriven guitar riffs with trance tribal drumming and expressive singing. Great album. They bring plenty of energy to bear in the songs, jamming in wild rock break-downs and tangled psych bridges, playing with tempos and time signatures, and generally having what sounds like a great time creating their musicFor fans of Kyuss, Dozer, Fu Manchu, Greenleaf... and damn, what a bitchin' bassline this record has. Not your usual stoner rock fare. Stonerror have definitely put a lot of thought and craftsmanship into this one.

Red Tank 03:39
Misbegotten 02:16
The Wolf 05:54
Los Hermanos 04:32
God's Guns 03:03
The Ride 03:06
Sierra Morena 04:33
Blues for the Red Sea 07:01