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Stone Cadaver - Reject Remove Replace (lp)

22 EUR
Year : 2017

Label : Longlife Records

Description : Old school proto-metal guitar and gritty, distorted bass combine with fat, organic drums to concoct an evil gumbo of dirty ‘70s inspired stoner riffs topped off with a few pinches of catchy doom grooves that is bound to fill that empty hole in your stomach. Picture three guys in denim vests mixing the likes of Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Electric Wizard in their heavy riffing, and you have pretty good idea of what Stone Cadaver is all about.

Sscum 05:37
We Need Your Fucking Blood 06:48
Suffer The Scorn 05:16
Ruins In The Sand 01:53
Hands Of Death 06:32
Removal Of The Eye 04:32
Dead Horses (pts. I & II) 08:45