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Soul Thrower - The Beginning Of Dark Nights (lp)

Soul Thrower - The Beginning Of Dark Nights (lp)

10 EUR
Year : 2014

Label : Healied Records

Description : Soul Thrower returns with sophomore album "The Beginning of Dark Nights", its second adrenaline-boosting, raucous slap in the cortex, and strong follow-up to their EMA-nominated album "The End Of Your Days". The Estonian-American rock band paints again in dark hues and the stories are vivid, propped up smartly by a soundscape articulated in chunky, driving riffs and wailing guitar solos that circle like buzzards over prey. On the ground, crisp, powerful drums stomp ahead in lock step with heavy bass guitar. Between Hades and Heaven, but not quite on Terra Firma, grunge vocals permeate with despair and ferocity, acknowledging the depths but forging a sure-footed path up and out. The audience will relish the natural, minimally-compressed sonic landscape which, in this decade, rarely characterizes albums of the heavy rock genre. Over the course of this 10-track release, the discerning ear will pick up influences from Alice in Chains and  Black Label Society

Thrive In The Fire 03:37
Gore 02:52
Hurt Your Face 03:22
Skeleton Dance 03:12
Needle 05:07
A Years-Long Funeral 03:36
You Are The War 03:22
Man Of Nothing 04:18
Demoness 03:36
Shipwreck 06:00