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Soom - Djebars (cd)

Soom - Djebars (cd)

Year : 2018

Label : Robust Fellow

Description : Lo-fi heavy juggernaut Soom's sophomore full length album. Soom, who have previously combined heavy weirdness, hypnotic rhythms, otherworldly chanting and "recorded in a cavern" sound with an ancient mysticism grounded in Ukrainian folk, are ready to go further and project the spirit of their native city through unearthly soundscapes. Preserving the traditions of the first album, Soom creates a conceptual story, more uncanny in Dzspoken wordsdz, more chaotic and deeper in music, combining doom metal with dark side of rave and Slobozhansky folk. The result is a low-tuned, dark, vicious, filthy, shake-the-fucking-ground metal record! Release date: 20/04/2018

Понад Секвоями: Джерело
Сміх дів нічних
Під променем тьмяним захована мрія
Сувенір фен-шуй
Полтавський Шлях
Спокій і тиша цілодобово
Наґно (Bonus Track)
Панічна Атака (Bonus Track)