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Snailking - Storm (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2014

Label : ConSouling Sounds

Description : After the 2012 critically acclaimed debut album ‘Samsara’, the Swedish doom & sludge trio Snailking return for their sophomore album with ‘Storm’. The band took their time to craft this new steamroller of an album, and it shows. The album takes off where ‘Samsara’ stranded: low, slow, crunchy and fuzzy doom
combined with pounding muddy riffs, all meticulously pieced together. On this ‘Storm’, we can hear a band in top shape, confident of their skills, and building torrential tracks. From gentle droning sounds, to waves of crushing sludge, to even death metal outpours: Snailking masters a vast register of all things doom, and molds these elements into one of the most dynamic albums in its genre. Ominous clouds are gathering, droning thunder is roaring, Snailking will keep you captivated in the eye of its ‘Storm’.

To Wander 11:03
Premonitions 10:57
Slithering 06:32
Requiem 16:57
Void 08:00